Jodie Foster Praises Mel Gibson

October 19, 2010 By:
Jodie Foster Praises Mel Gibson

Jodie Foster is once again standing behind her good friend Mel Gibson and singing his praises.

She's even going as far as claiming that Gibson still remains to be "the most loved man in the film business."

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She might have a point there because we don't know anyone else that's been able to get as many chances as Mel Gibson has in Hollywood. And he has said some pretty crappy things!

"It was an amazing experience," Foster told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY at the Women In Hollywood event. Foster is directing Mel Gibson in the upcoming film, The Beaver.

"I've worked with Mel before Maverick and we’ve stayed friends for last 18 years I think, he’s someone that I've always wanted to work with again cause he always makes it easy and he contributes so much he’s wonderful to film, I couldn’t be happier with his performance," she added

As for his upcoming cameo on The Hangover Foster said, "He really liked the humor in that first [Hangover] movie, so I'm glad he'll be in it!"

There are reports that Mel won't even be playing himself in the movie. He will actually play "an outlandish character."

A role in The Hangover sequel might actually be really good for his career. Mel really does have the best people in the industry working for him because he seems to come out of any situation.

We know Foster supports Gibson, but does she think he is capable of a comeback?

"I have no idea, hes been amazing friend, pretty much anyone who will ever meet that’s met with or worked with him, adores him and hes had his friends that surrounded him for a very long time," said Foser. "I can only assume that spells good things in the future for him."