Transformers Director Puts Megan Fox in Her Place

July 2, 2009 By:
Transformers Director Puts Megan Fox in Her Place

Megan Fox is becoming known not only for her ravishing looks, but for the controversial statements that come out of her mouth during interviews.

She’s come under fire for several statements she’s made in the last few weeks, including slamming Scarlett Johansson in Esquire for being “too smart.”

Her latest rant was about Michael Bay, the director for the Transformers franchise, which, by the way, put her on the map. Megan slammed Bay, saying he focuses too much on special effects, and not enough on acting.

Bay was quick to put Megan back in her place, telling the Wall Street Journal, "Well, that's Megan Fox for you. She says some very ridiculous things because she's 23 years old and she still has a lot of growing to do. You roll your eyes when you see statements like that and think, 'Okay Megan, you can do whatever you want. I got it.’”

Bay went on to defend his movies, saying, "I 100 percent disagree with her. Nick Cage wasn't a big actor when I cast him, nor was Ben Affleck. before I put him in Armageddon. Shia LaBeouf wasn't a big movie star before he did Transformers -- and then he exploded. Not to mention Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, from Bad Boys.”

As the interview went, it was clear Bay got a little agitated. He said, "Nobody in the world knew about Megan Fox until I found her and put her in Transformers. I like to think that I've had some luck in building actors' careers with my films."

So true! Bay deserves a little respect! Why does Megan have to go around town burning all these bridges? If we were her, we’d be psyched that we were part of the biggest movie in the country right now.