Megan Fox Wants to Settle Down and Have Children

April 2, 2010 By:
Megan Fox Wants to Settle Down and Have Children

Megan Fox has been dating Brian Austin Green for years. The two only seem to "break up" when she has a movie to promote, but other than that they are very happy with each other and rumor has it that she is so happy that she wants to settle down and start making babies within the next two years.

A source close to the couple says, “Despite her reputation as a Hollywood sex symbol, Megan is actually quite grounded and keen to settle down. She and Brian have discussed the idea of marriage and babies — and both are keen.

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“Megan says she’d like to be married by the time she’s 25 — and a baby would be a bonus. She’s very maternal and gets on really well with Brian’s son Kassius. She’d love to have a child of her own.”

Megan Fox has actually surprised us. She has stuck to one guy the entire time. Usually, when a beautiful woman like her gets famous they are ALL OVER the place dating every guy they get their hands on. She's kept it classy.