Megan Fox Turns Down Bond Girl Role

July 23, 2009 By:
Megan Fox Turns Down Bond Girl Role

Megan Fox has reportedly turned down the opportunity to play a Bond Girl opposite Daniel Craig in the next 007 movie. She’ll do two Transformers, but won’t consider a role in an iconic franchise. Talk about a missed opportunity!

Sources say Megan was in talks with studio execs to join the cast, but ultimately turned it down. The reason? She apparently wanted a bigger role in the movie than that of just the spy’s love interest.

A source close to Fox says, “Megan might be interested in a villainous role if it was a central part of the movie but she is not interested in being just your usual type of Bond girl. She did consider an approach but she won’t be doing Bond while she’s so busy with other projects. She might consider it again in a few years time.”

Who knows if they would even consider Megan in a few years?! She has to just power through projects while she’s still in demand! In Hollywood you never know when you’re time will be up!

Update: Megan Fox’s rep is denying her client passed on the role of the Bond Girl in the upcoming 007 movie. Her rep tells People, "The report about Megan Fox turning down a Bond movie is completely not true. There have been no discussions nor any offers. Megan is a fan of the Bond movies."