Megan Fox Thinks Prostitution is "Exhausting"

May 7, 2010 By:
Megan Fox Thinks Prostitution is

Megan Fox loves to complain to the press for just about everything, but this specific complaint really caught our eye.

Megan plays a prostitute in her new movie Jonah Hex and admits that playing a hooker is the most "exhausting" and challenging role she's ever had to play.

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Speaking about the movie she said, “Just having to try and keep my head above water in a scene with Brolin was a really, really difficult thing to do,” says Megan.

“It was only five days that I filmed and I’ve never been more exhausted filming something.

“It was just hard. I was way out of my league. Everything was over my head. I just tried to stay alive.”

Aside from playing a prostitute, Megan is also shooting Transformers 3 right now, so she's one busy hooker.