Megan Fox Talks About Being A Stepmother

August 20, 2008 By:
Megan Fox Talks About Being A Stepmother

Who knew Megan Fox was a stepmother? Fox's fiancé Brian Austin Green apparently has a six year old son by actress Vanessa Marcil.

All this time we thought the kid was an urban myth because we've never seen him, but Fox is now gushing about how great it is being a stepmother.

Fox said, "Sometimes I get sad, because sometimes I'm out of town a lot.
Brian works but he's always in town and I have to travel a lot, and sometimes that's hard, because it'll be weeks and weeks without seeing Cash (Kassius), and that's sad.

"Luckily he's used to it, because both of his parents are in the business, so he's used to always being in transit."

Does a kid ever get "used to" not seeing his parents? It's pretty sad actually. No wonder we've never seen this kid. He doesn’t even see his parents.