Megan Fox Slated To Be Next Lara Croft

January 26, 2009 By:
Megan Fox Slated To Be Next Lara Croft

It’s obvious that Megan Fox resembles Angelina Jolie. Their similarities include their pouty lips, lock locks, and ridiculous bodies. And it seems Angie has grown out of her days of doing movies like Tomb Raider, so this may be the perfect fit for Megan to become the next Lara Croft!

Rumor has it Megan is being courted to be the next Lara for the franchise’s next film. Reports suggest she could be replacing Jolie in the role. But let’s hope she gets better reviews!

Angie’s performance in both the original and the sequel were dogged by critics, and she was even given a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress for her performance. Yikes!

London’s Metro newspaper says that Megan is a strong candidate for the role of Lara, and we’re sure fans would love to see this casting come to fruition. There has been no word from Megan’s camp, or the studio, but maybe this will at least get the ball rolling!