Megan Fox Once Couldn't Afford To Shave

May 14, 2008 By:
Megan Fox Once Couldn't Afford To Shave

Megan Fox is attempting to make us feel sorry for her, but it's not working. When you're as gorgeous as she is, we don't care about how rough a start you had in Hollywood, because it probably didn't last all that long at all.

Megan tells Cosmo Girl, "When I moved to Los Angeles. I had no money. I remember needing to shave my legs, and I didn't even have enough money to buy disposable razors. So I'd wear pants all the time."

Next thing you know, she's crowned FHM's sexiest woman in the world. She probably has an assistant to shave her legs for her now. Things can change in Hollywood overnight.

Here's a video of Megan from the Cosmo Girl photoshoot for their June cover, and she's super down to earth! She's got a major love of animals, and doesn't seem to have let this fame thing go to her head.