Megan Fox Models Lingerie 4-months Pregnant

October 23, 2012 By:
Megan Fox Models Lingerie 4-months Pregnant

Earlier this year gadget brand Sharper Image announced that Megan Fox was the face of their new campaign. The photos have finally surfaced and these behind-the-scenes underwear pics feature Megan when she was 4-months pregnant!

Sharper Image is the kind of place where you can buy a back massage that doubles as a microwave. Using Megan Fox as the spokesperson for a tech-related brand is an interesting move, but picking a hot girl as the face of your brand is never a bad move, right?

The new Holiday campaign features the slogan “Guys Love Gadget.” Well, I don’t know how much guys like gadgets as much as they love scantily clad Megan Fox posing seductively with a gadget. Guys like THAT, a lot.

Also, if you want to have your mind blown for a minute, here’s Megan Fox trying to convince you that she’s a geek.

“I have always been a bit of a gadget geek and into different types of technology.” Fox says, “The campaign is a good fit for me because I love electronics.“

I don’t know what’s more surprising. Megan admitting she’s into technology or that she looked like THAT when she was 4 MONTHS PREGNANT!

The images feature Megan doing a lot of lounging on things. Lounging on chairs, beds, suitcases, and chaises. Anything with a wide enough surface is fair game for Megan.

Megan gave birth to her first child a month ago. Few details are known about her new bundle of joy other than it’s a boy.