Megan Fox: I'm Schizophrenic

September 2, 2009 By:
Megan Fox: I'm Schizophrenic

Megan Fox has a new movie to promote so she's talking all kinds of crazy for a little attention. Yesterday she made a comment about her powerful vagina and now she's apparently schizophrenic.

The Jennifer's Body star claims she's suffered from mental illness since she was young, although she's never bothered to get diagnosed or see a doctor.

She tells Wonderland magazine, "I basically read every book ever written about Marilyn Monroe. I could end up like that because I constantly struggle with the idea that I think I'm a borderline personality - or that I have bouts of mild schizophrenia.

"I definitely have some kind of mental problem and I haven't pinpointed what it is."

We think she suffers from promotion overload. Every time she has something new to promote, like her latest movie Jennifer's Body, which is out in theaters next week, she makes this outrageous claims that usually have little to no truth to them.

If she really does suffer from schizophrenia, we wish her the best and hope she gets treated soon, but something tells us after she's done promoting the movie, her "schizophrenia" is going to become non-existent again. What do you guys think?