Megan Fox Expects Brian to Put a Ring On It!

June 15, 2010 By:
Megan Fox Expects Brian to Put a Ring On It!

Megan Fox has been dating Brian Austin Green for so long that she believes that it's inevitable that she'll walk down the aisle with him.

The two have been together since 2004 and they were even engaged at some point. She called off the engagement, probably to get some press during the time she was promoting Transformers.

They got back together immediately after she was done with her promotional duties.

She said: “I’ve been in this relationship for so long and I love Brian so much and of course marriage is in the future somewhere… I’m not closed to that idea.”

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She also said one of the smartest things we've heard her say in a very long time. When talking about her relationship she said that she doesn't mind talking about Brian because she is in a committed relationship and she wants the world to know that she is fully committed to him.

She explained: “I just think, if you’re going to get married, if you’re going to be with someone and make a commitment, it’s good to tell the universe, to say, ‘I’m committing to this person and making them my family.’

“I think there’s something respectable about that and if we were to do it, it would be for ourselves. It wouldn’t’ be for society.”

Megan definitely doesn't strike us as the girl that would wear a white wedding dress and walk down the aisle. We see her more as a city hall kind of girl, but she's so hot we would love to see her in a beautiful wedding gown.