Megan Fox Dispels Botox Rumors

July 8, 2011 By:
Megan Fox Dispels Botox Rumors

Megan Fox went on Facebook to prove her hotness is totally natural. On Thursday, the former Transformers actress posted a Facebook album titled, “Things You Can’t Do With Your Face When You Have Botox.”

It should have been called, "Things You Do When You Get Kicked Out of Transformers and Have Nothing Else to Do." The album is filled with a bunch of pictures of Megan Fox doing everything in her power to produce a wrinkle on her face.

In one pic, Megan furrows her brow and points out the lines on her forehead. It doesn’t really look normal to me, and frankly, I haven’t heard anyone talk about how much Megan Fox doesn’t have botox as much as Megan Fox.

Fox told Allure magazine that she would never use cosmetic enhancements to improve her looks:

“"I would encourage anyone to first speak with a therapist, to try and figure out where this want comes from, because a lot of times it's not related to your teeth or your nose or your chin," Fox added.

"The surgery is not going to alleviate that insecurity for you."