Megan Fox Banned From Wal-Mart

May 1, 2008 By:
Megan Fox Banned From Wal-Mart

It's hard to imagine that anyone would ban actress Megan Fox from anything, but Wal-Mart has gone and done it.

Foxy Megan is banned from the Wal-Mart in her hometown in Florida because she used to exercise the five-finger discount.

A friend of Fox tells the National Enquirer, "Megan (Fox) was quite a rebel growing up. She thought she could get away with anything, and definitely had sticky fingers.

"She would pocket things like candy and gum from convenience stores, but Megan's shoplifting days were quickly put to an end when she got busted for heisting a $7 tube of lipgloss from Wal-Mart.

"At first, Megan denied it. Even after they told her they caught her on surveillance video, Megan still tried talking her way out of it. But when they threatened to call the police, Megan broke down in tears and confessed."

Good news is she’s rolling in dough now and probably never had to shop at the discount store again—not that she can or anything.