10 Celebrities You’d Be Surprised Are Built like Gods

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10 Celebrities You’d Be Surprised Are Built like Gods
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Not all of them are your quintessential action hero material. Well, until they take their shirts off that is.

1. Matthew Morrison

Details Magazine

Yeah, Mr. Schuester is built like a popular quarterback.


2. Chris Pratt


Yeah, Andy Dwyer just busted out of his office cubicle.


3. Freddie Prinze Jr.


Yeah, he IS all that.


4. Milo Ventimiglia

Tracy Bennett/Columbia Pictures

Yeah, that dude from "Heroes" is still built like a superhero eight years later.


5. Shia LaBeouf


Yeah, the kid from "Even Stevens" seriously transformed.


6. Anderson Cooper


Yeah, cable news never looked so muscular.


7. Nick Jonas


Yeah, Nick is looking less and less like a boy band member every day.


8. Marc Jacobs


Yeah, he basically redesigned his entire physique.


9. Andrew Garfield


Yeah, this might make you want to get a little extra friendly with your neighborhood Spider-Man.


10. Robert Downey Jr.

Men's Fitness UK

Yeah, definitely a body made of iron.