Yay! Matthew McConaughey Is Hot Again!

March 14, 2013 By:
Yay! Matthew McConaughey Is Hot Again!
Image By: Pacific Coast News

Back in November 2012, Matthew McConaughey lost thirty pounds to look scary skinny. And not like fun super spaghetti skinny, like Taylor Swift or Giuliana Rancic, but like unhealthily skinny.

Matthew had to get emaciated to play an AIDS patient in his movie, The Dallas Buyer’s Club, but luckily (for women and gay men everywhere) that role is behind him and he’s back to playing beefcakes. Phew.

Matt was spotted looking jacked and tan while filming his new flick True Detectives in New Orleans. Dare we say it, but he might be looking his best ever!

He previously said his target weight was 165 lbs. We don’t know if he made that target, but if his goal weight was HOT, then he’s succeeded.

It’s good to have you back Matthew. We’re also glad your new role requires that you show some skin, just saying.