McConaughey Gets a Year Supply of Deodorant

May 15, 2008 By:
McConaughey Gets a Year Supply of Deodorant

Matthew McConaughey, who admits that he "never" wears deodorant, was sent a year supply of Axe body spray so he doesn't lose his model girlfriend Camila Alves. Confused? Here's the letter that accompanied his year long supply of deodorant:

"We know that you already have a stunning girl in Camila Alves. But in a survey we recently conducted, nearly nine out of ten girls (89 per cent) told us that they would turn down a guy because he smelled bad - no matter how in-shape or successful he is.

"We read that you 'never use deodorant' and we sure want you to keep Camila around, so we've enclosed a one year supply of the new Axe Bullet, the first pocket-sized deodorant body spray for guys. We know that you're always on-the-go and like to travel light, so this handy little gadget should fit perfectly into your active lifestyle!"

McConaughey may be gorgeous, but B.O. is definitely a deal breaker. So maybe the generous gift from Axe isn't such a bad idea after all. Would you be insulted by the offer?