Matthew McConaughey Skin and Bones

November 12, 2012 By:
Matthew McConaughey Skin and Bones
Image By: Splash News

Who’s that skeleton wearing Matthew McConaughey’s skin?

The award-winning actor is making good on his promises to drop serious poundage for his new role in The Dallas Buyers Club. Unfortunately, it looks like “making good” is taking him to the brink of death…of course, that seems to be the point.

A shot from the set shows Mr. McConaughey as a fragment of his former self. His fragile, scary-thin frame sits underneath a loose t-shirt and cowboy jeans. 

McConaughey sports a grown out moustache, grandpa specs and a stalker haircut. 

Yes...It is with regret that we report that the once buff-up, greased down Magic Mike star who caused just about every dirty thought in the book, has somehow morphed into the scrawny high school gym teacher from the ‘80s. 

Despite what the appearance might suggest, McConaughey is not playing a shifty-eyed creeper and/or rapist in Buyer’s Club. His actual role is the true-life tale of Ron Woodroof, a man diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 1986. 

In order to prolong his 30-day life expectancy, Woodroof teams up with a fellow patient. Together, they take their lives in their own hands, smuggling in anit-viral medications that were still illegal in the US. 

On his dramatic weight loss, the devoted actor previously spoke up during an interview with Larry King.

“I'll get down to the weight I need to get to. I'm on my way, and it's what I need to do for the job,” he told King. “I should not look healthy by the time I'm doing this.”

So, long story short, skinny Matthew makes sense, but it’s still scary to watch happen…Hopefully filming wraps soon so someone can get a Big Mac in him ASAP.

Costarring in Buyers Club alongside McConaughey are Jared Leto, who plays Matthew’s partner in crime Rayon, and Jennifer Garner, as Dr. Eve Saks. 

The film is scheduled for a 2013 release.