Matthew McConaughey On Manscaping And Losing His G-String

June 20, 2012 By:
Matthew McConaughey On Manscaping And Losing His G-String

Matthew McConaughey is a busy, busy guy. The actor just got married and is in the upcoming most hotly anticipated movie in the entire world ever new movie Magic Mike.

McConaughey stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night to a) promote his new movie and b) promote his new wife.

McConaughey says when he got the part, he started thinking about what his signature stripper moves and signature song might be.

“I knew I didn’t want to do any hip hop dancing, because Channing Tatum does that and he’s great at it. So I go for a jog and I’m like ‘let me find my song,’ and ‘Calling Dr. Love’ by KISS came on and I was like ‘that’s it, that’s my song.’”

He also revealed that getting into stripper shape meant more than just lifting weights.

“Everyone got manscaped, to some extent,” says McConaughey, “We go to this place called ‘Smile’ and there’s this Russian woman in there, formal as can be. She’s like ‘I need some help’ and you’re like ‘help with what?’ and she’s like ‘spread ‘em.’ And every time she rips off hair from your body, she goes ‘so sorry,’ rip! ‘so sorry’ rip! And you’re just giggling through the tears.”

He also reminisces on his G-string malfunction.

“It wasn’t a malfunction but I did have a moment when the string on the G, came off,” says McConaughey, “We were doing a dance and I was in the part of the routine when I’m about to stand up and I hear this ‘pop’ and a chill air sneaks under where it was warm before and my left hand instinctually was like woop and covered myself!”

And because I spent the entire time talking about G-strings and strip teases, here is exactly one quote about his proposal to his now-wife Camila Alves.

He recalls how he gifted her with her engagement ring on Christmas day, wrapping it inside 8 different boxes.

“I’ve told my brothers what’s about to happen, she opens it up and her eyes go wide and I went down on my knee and I ask her, ‘will you marry me and take my name?’ The first words out of her mouth were NOT ‘yes.’ I’m not gonna say what it was,” McConaughey jokes, “I told her, I’m here down on my knee, I will stay here a while, I will outlast you. She finally conceded. She eventually said yes.”