Matthew McConaughey Hints At Twins?

January 31, 2008 By:
Matthew McConaughey Hints At Twins?

Hollywood hottie Matthew McConaughey recently announced that he and his girlfriend Camilla Alves are expecting a child together.

At the Los Angeles premiere for his latest flick “Fools Gold” Mathew talked to Hollyscoop about becoming a father and Camilla. When we asked him what the sex of the child was he answered, "we're not going to find out".

In regards to fatherhood, Mathew talked about what he would hope his child would turn out to be and mentioned he would be a “cool dad”. With a cool dad in mind, one reporter asked if he would “teach them to surf”. Mathew responded,“they’re gonna do…were going to be outside as much as we can be…and whatever sport they pick up…I hope they have rhythm…we should…he should have some rhythm.”

They…he? Does this mean Mathew and Camilla are expecting twins? Boy or girl or both, the combination of Mathews and Camilla’s looks will make one gorgeous babie or babies. Check out the video from the interview below.