Matthew McConaughey Extreme Weight Loss Is "Starvation," Says Expert

November 14, 2012 By:
Matthew McConaughey Extreme Weight Loss Is

If you haven’t seen the photos  yet, Matthew McConaughey has just lost an extreme amount of weight for a new role as an AIDS patient. He reportedly lost 50 pounds in 3 months and needed medical supervision for his extreme diet. 

We can’t imagine that this kind of slim down is healthy and asked Jackie Keller, NutriFit founding director and weight loss expert to comment on what this kind of method acting will do to an actor’s body.

Jackie told us that McConaughey’s weight loss was NO diet, it is “starvation.”

“I wouldn't recommend to anybody that they put themselves in that kind of weight loss mode. It really could hurt your health long-term to lose that much weight that quickly. The body just doesn't want to adjust to starvation like that,” she tells Hollyscoop.

Also, in case you think getting super skinny like McConaughey did is enviable, he’s going to ruin any future diets because weight loss like that “slows down our metabolism.” So the thing that makes you thin--he’s ruining it.

The main health hazards he’s going to see from this starvation diet are “body wasting… You are not able to maintain your muscle mass when there is that much wasting going on. There is fatigue. It is very hard to concentrate and to focus. Sometimes there are mood swings that come from not having enough food for your blood sugar levels to stay normal.”

Another starlet that recently admitting to starving for a role is Anne Hathaway, who said she exclusively ate oatmeal paste to slim down for her new role in Les Miserables.

Jackie told us that Anne should have dieted like she did for her role as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, which was far healthier since she relied on balanced meals from NutriFit.

“Anne Hathaway's weight loss for Catwoman was a much healthier way of doing it. We fed her for that roll for a year. She looked terrific and she had a fabulous body for that Catwoman suit and clearly had the energy and focus to be able to pull off that roll.”

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