Mathew Is A Naughty Boy!

June 17, 2008 By:
Mathew Is A Naughty Boy!

Oh-Oh talk about bad publicity! Daddy to be Matthew McConaughey was reportedly being a bad boy in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, on June 6 rather than taking care of his baby mama who's about to give birth.

Star Magazine has pictures of Mathew partying it up with the locals. "He was acting like an out-of-control 18-year-old," an eyewitness said. "He already seemed to be drunk when he arrived alone, and he only got worse from there on. He was putting the make on every woman in his path, throwing his arms around them and trying to kiss them, and trying to dirty-dance with a few out on the floor. But he was a mess, slurring his words and stumbling around.

"A few minutes after he finally left the bar, someone found him searching through a sewage ditch outside. When they asked him what he was doing, he mumbled, 'I've lost my flip-flops!'"

Hey, the bright side is that he went home alone that night right? This just goes to show you that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Camilla should ground him!