Levi McConaughey Is Already A Millionaire

July 9, 2008 By:
Levi McConaughey Is Already A Millionaire

Levi McConaughey is only two days old, and the kid is already rich. Ok! Magazine has coughed up $3 million for exclusive rights to Levi's first pictures, which will also include filming Levi's first Christmas.

That magazine is going to go bankrupt! Don't they know that the baby pic thing is getting old? They could just photoshop in any baby and we'd believe them. Well, at least Matthew and Camila won't have to start a college fund for their baby boy.

In related news, Matthew's mom Kay is speaking out about how excited she is for him and Camila. Kay says he's "over the moon."

She also says, "Can't you just see that little boy following his dad on the beach in Malibu with a surf board over his head going, 'I'm right behind you, Papa!' That little boy's not going to need anything. He's not going to wear anything but a bathing suit – and maybe not even that!"