Camila Alves Shows Off Wedding Ring From Matthew McConaughey

February 9, 2012 By:
Camila Alves Shows Off Wedding Ring From Matthew McConaughey

So…when’s he getting the rock put in?

I kid, I kid! It’s a nice ring. I guess seeing Kim Kardashian’s has ruined me for engagement rings.

To be honest, I completely forgot that Matthew McConaughey was engaged to Camila Alves, probably because he proposed over Christmas and everyone in the world proposed over Christmas. Indeed, McConaughey proposed on Christmas morning, and Camila said “hells yeah, ya damn hippie, gimme that bling!”

Or “yes.” One of the two.

Anyway, Camila showed off her ring at QVC’s New York Fashion Week runway show on Wednesday. She said “it feels so great” to be wearing the three-stone ring. “It’s rose cut,” Alves said. “It’s a beautiful ring.”

She added that the two have not done any wedding planning, because she’s been busy working on her Muxo handbag line.

“It's amazing to be designing. We've been with QVC for a little bit over a year and we have a couture line," she told Us Weekly. "It's at Nordstrom and other department stores, but with QVC it's special, because it's instant gratification of hearing from the customer."

So yeah, Matthew's taking a backseat to the purses right now.
“I am really taking it easy. I’m just enjoying being engaged,” she said.
But she does admit that it feels different to be a fiancé rather than a girlfriend.

“It does. But I don’t know if I want to say anything yet. I’m not ready to share those details yet. But it’s definitely very special.”

Alves and McConaughey met at a bar in Los Angeles in 2006, defying all conceptions about not being able to meet anyone at a bar and/or in L.A.
They also have two children together: Their three year-old son, Levi, and their two year-old daughter, Vida.