Matt LeBlanc Has Tons of F**k You Money

January 13, 2011 By:
Matt LeBlanc Has Tons of F**k You Money

Matt LeBlanc may be all chubs and grey now, but he has a ton of f**k you money so who cares, right?

Matt has had a rough couple of years since Friends wrapped. His marriage fell apart and his daughter got sick, but he still has a ton of cash to remind him of the glory days.

"There were a lot of things that were spinning out of control. My daughter had been diagnosed with an illness, my marriage was falling apart, the writing was on the wall that the show was going away--that being the least of those three major problems," he said.

So just how much money did he make from Friends? "My daughter's education is paid for. Her grandchildren's education is paid for. My mother's house is paid off. My father's house is paid off. My house is paid off," he explains. "I come from a blue-collar background, and there's nothing in my upbringing that prepares you for that."

Okay thanks, keep rubbing it in.

The whole Friends crew made $1 million dollars an episode towards the end of the show. And they're all still making bank off of the reruns we watch every night. Still feel sorry for him?