Ryan Seacrest Let Matt Lauer Keep His Job at the 'Today' Show

April 6, 2012 By:
Ryan Seacrest Let Matt Lauer Keep His Job at the 'Today' Show

Don’t worry, Matt Lauer isn’t going anywhere. Amid rumors that Matt was on his way out, he announced today that he’s sticking with ‘Today.’

“This is my family,” Matt said, as his co-anchors and crew applauded him. Lauer signed a long-term contract to keep his job as co-host. NBC originally announced the news on Thursday night.

‘Today’ has been number one in the weekly ratings since 1995, but lately, ‘Good Morning America’ has been catching up.

“Truth be told," Matt joked, "I was developing an idea for a new show, where viewers could tune in every morning and see someone they know lose a little more of his hair every single day right in front of their eyes. But then I thought, I could just stay here and do that."

Earlier this week, Matt had Ryan Seacrest on the show and flat out asked Ryan if he was replacing him.

“What kind of conversations have you had with NBC about joining the "Today" show?" Lauer asked. "They didn't tell you?!" Seacrest joked.

But seriously folks: "I see you doing this job for as long as you want to,” Seacrest told Lauer.

Matt pointed out that there was “no tension” between himself and Ryan.
"Matter of fact," Seacrest said, "when the story came out [about Seacrest replacing Lauer], we had dinner together."

"Yes, I bought dinner which I thought was completely inappropriate," Lauer
Then Matt left the interview with a vague comment: "In terms of other announcements, watch this space. Not this space," he said, pointing to his chair, "but this space."