Matt Damon's Kids Don't Know He's Famous

March 13, 2010 By:
Matt Damon's Kids Don't Know He's Famous

Matt Damon is one of the most famous actors in the biz, but believe it or not his own children don't know he's famous.

Damon and his wife Luciana try to shield their kids from the limelight as much as possible, and they've done such a great job of being normal parents, their children don't understand how famous their dad is.

He says, "The 11 year old obviously knows. She hasn't seen all the movies but has seen enough to know that's what I do. The little ones don't have any idea - we're trying to keep it that way.

"It's more and more possible now with the prevalence of video cameras and technology, iPhones and BlackBerrys. Kids are used to seeing their own images on screens. So when they see me on a screen, it kind of makes sense for them: 'Yeah, he's on that TV and I'm on this laptop.'"

Can you imagine having Matt as your dad? Who would you want as your celebrity parents?