Matt Damon's Dedicated To Obama

October 24, 2008 By:
Matt Damon's Dedicated To Obama

It’s no secret that Matt Damon is a Barack Obamasupporter. And now, with only weeks left before election day, Matt has pledged his total support for Obama, saying he’ll do whatever it takes to help him win.

Matt is heading down to Florida this weekend to work with the Obama campaign on promoting the November 4 vote in a key state. Damon’s flying straight from there to Morocco to work on a movie, but Damon promises to stay in contact with the campaign in case there is anything else he can do.

He says, "I'm sure I'll be on the phone over there after filming every night. I'll do telephone interviews or whatever they'll have me do. I want to sprint to the finish with the millions of us who really have been desperate for this change.

"The Obama campaign has decided to focus on the positive, and I should be a bigger man and be able to do that with them."