Matt Damon to Play Robert F. Kennedy

February 24, 2010 By:
Matt Damon to Play Robert F. Kennedy

Matt Damon is getting political with his next role. He’s in serious talks to play the role of Robert F Kennedy, the politician brother of John F. Kennedy, who was shot just five years after his brother was assassinated.

RFK has previously been portrayed on screen by Sheen in 1974 TV movie The Missiles of October, by Casey Affleck in The Kennedys of Massachusetts, and more recently by Dave Fraunces in the 2006 film Bobby.

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Damon is considering taking on the role in the untitled project with Seabiscuit director Gary Ross. The website reports the movie will be based on Evan Thomas' biography of Kennedy, titled His Life, and Damon will only sign the contract after he has approved the script.

Well Matt is certainly political enough to take on the role! Plus, he’s from Boston! This just may be the role of a lifetime!