Matt Damon Promotes His Charity on Entourage Finale

July 13, 2009 By:
Matt Damon Promotes His Charity on Entourage Finale

Matt Damon is just one of the actors who landed a coveted cameo on Entourage this season. He just wrapped filming his guest spot for the finale of the HBO hit, which will also feature NBA star LeBron James that episode.

Matt was excited to guest star, but also wanted to incorporate his commitment to a children’s charity he’s involved in. So the producers wrote it into the storyline!

Executive producer Doug Elin told TV Guide, “It wasn’t hard to get him. Matt came on the phone with me and wanted to do something that focused on his charity, One By One, which helps kids all over the world.”

The Entourage cast had nothing but nice things to say about Damon. Elin said, “LeBron and Matt have a scene together and they just kill it!”

Kevin Connolly said, “They were just amazing. wrote a scene where we’re all at the airport together. Matt was all smiles. He was definitely there to have fun.”

The show’s star, Adrian Grenier added, “The joke is that Matt is very passionate about his charity – almost in a stalkerish kind of way. becomes intimidated by his intensity. He ends up bullying Vince into giving much more than he should.”

The season finale will air October 4th. In the meantime, season 6 started last night, so queue your Tivos!