Matt Damon: "Of Course" George Clooney is Gay

September 11, 2009 By:
Matt Damon:

When George Clooney agreed to attend the Venice Film Festival, the last thing he expected to see was a gay man stripping for him. But thanks to his pals Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, he now has a boyfriend and is considering marrying him.

Brad, George and Matt are always playing pranks on each other, but Matt and Brad's latest prank landed George red faced on CNN.

Damon explained to David Letterman: "So this Italian journalist comes in and goes, 'Matt, is it true what Brad said?' And I have no idea what he is talking about. But you know, I go, 'Yeah, of course it's true'.

"And he says, 'Do you mean George Clooney has a boyfriend?' And now I'm trying to keep a straight face and I go, 'Yeah, of course he's got a boyfriend. And he wants to legally marry him. We've been on him about this for years."

He added that he turned on CNN on Tuesday to witness "this guy stand up and say, 'George! I am a gay'. And this guy starts peeling his clothes off and he says, 'If you musta choose, choose me!'"

Brad and Matt better watch their backs because we have a feeling George is stirring up a great comeback prank. Check out Matt's hilarious interview with Letterman below...and for the record, Clooney isn't gay.