Matt Damon: I Get Brad Pitt's Rejected Roles

March 8, 2010 By:
Matt Damon: I Get Brad Pitt's Rejected Roles

Matt Damon has had an incredible career since the 80s when Good Will Hunting put him on the map. But as successful as he is, Matt is still comparing himself to others—especially Brad Pitt.

Damon says most of his success comes from piggybacking off actors like Brad who are always offered roles before he is. “I think the roles go to Brad first. Which is fine,” he told the Sunday Times.

“Ask anybody on the street which actors starred in the Ocean’s movies, and they’ll tell you it was George and Brad. I’m ‘support’ in Ocean’s . As I was in Saving Private Ryan — Tom Hanks carried that movie.

Matt seems to think his whole career has been about picking up other’s leftovers. “You could accuse me of piggybacking on other people’s brilliance more than anything,” he explained.

Though Matt is known more for his dramatic role, he says he like to do a comedy next. “I’d love to end up in a movie like The Hangover, but I think it’s just really hard to make a good comedy,” he said.

Yet, being an A-list actor seems to have his downfalls. And Matt just can’t seem to find the right comedic script for him. He said, “That’s really, really tough to do, and that’s why there are so few great comedies. I mean, there are good comedies made every year, but they definitely have not come my way.”

We’d love to see Matt in the Hangover 2!