Matt Damon Goes On A Sh*t Strike

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Matt Damon Goes On A Sh*t Strike
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Matt Damon isn’t going to poop until everyone in the world has clean water. So that happened.

As a co-founder of, an organization that is taking a stand for the water crisis, Matt just made this bold statement at a press conference: “Until everyone has clean water and sanitation, until this issue is resolved, I will NOT go to the bathroom.”

They say that everybody poops, unless you’re Matt Damon. #PoopJokes #We’re12

We at Hollyscoop are trying to take this seriously, but there are so many amazing sh*tty puns to be made. Instead of “Matt Damon Goes On A Sh*t Strike,” how do you guys feel about these alternate headlines:

1)   Matt Damon Poo-poo’s Poo

2)   No Dumping For Damon

3)   Matt Damon Crossing His Legs For Charity

4)   Boom Does Not Go To The Cannon for Damon

5)   Matt Damon IN The Poop Identity

6)   The Constipated Mr. Ripley

7)   Matt Damon’s Sh*tty New Pledge

8)   Matt Damon Does Not Free The Chocolate Hostages

9)   Matt Damon Will Not Drop His Kids Off At The Pool

10) Matt Damon Makes Stupid Pledge For A Good Cause

Watch the video below. Oh and for those of you who were worried about Matt Damon’s kidneys, it’s a joke. The video is a scripted sketch meant to get you laughing and caring about clean water. Hopefully you are doing both. And by both, we mean...