Mary Kate Olsen Has a New Man!

February 22, 2011 By:
Mary Kate Olsen Has a New Man!

Mary Kate Olsen has moved on from dating the actor types and is now giving a designer a shot.

She’s started dating Upper Echelon Shoes co-founder Seth Campbell. The relationship is fairly new and the two don’t even know if they like each other but the news of them dating is already public so might as well go for it.

A source told Us Weekly: "Their relationship is fairly new. They've been able to have a few dates on the down low. He's a downtown kind of guy, likes to party every now and then.

"His company is in the press but he's not, so it works out that way. They're both like each other and are just seeing where things go. Having fun."

Mary Kate must like him if she took him to her sister Elizabeth’s birthday in NYC.

Mary Kate has always had interesting taste in men. She’s dated Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos, then was linked to Heath Ledger and recently she was dating some artist. Let’s see how this designer boy works out.