Mary-Kate Olsen Ditches High-Fashion Look For This...

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Mary-Kate Olsen arrived at JFK Airport, looking… well, pretty terrible actually. The first half of the Olsen twin duo of actresses turned fashionistas was photographed in an outfit better suited for the likes of Bob Dylan, which she decided to accessorize with no make-up.

The “look” consisted of an oversized, black button up dress shirt, black not-so-skinny skinny jeans, leopard print loafers, a black leather jacket and a straw hat.

Her au natural appearance makes the 26-year-old seem far more…mature. Which, on the bright side, makes her relationship with Olivier Sarkozy, the half-brother of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy who is 17 years her senior, seem a lot less scandalous.

Most noteworthy here is that the Olsens have officially retired from acting in order to dedicate more time to their pursuits in the fashion industry. She and sister Ashley have their own line of clothes and accessories called The Row.

But if the outfit in question is any indication of where things are headed for their line… they might want to start reading some scripts.

Maybe we’re being unnecessarily harsh here and we should give her a break for just having a bad “everything” day… or maybe PETA wasn’t just being snarky when they baptized the duo with their new, pretty catchy moniker of, the Trollsen Twins.

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