Mary-Kate Finds Love With Fellow Billionaire?

March 5, 2008 By:
Mary-Kate Finds Love With Fellow Billionaire?

Pint size actress Mary-Kate Olsen is one busy girl...and we're not talking career wise. MK has been getting down and dirty with Italian playboy Lapo Elkann, who is heir to a $7.3 billion dollar fortune.

MK and Lapo bonded at the Giambattista Valli show during Paris Fashion week. "Mary-Kate and Lapo seemed very cozy," says a source. "Lapo's a good-looking guy, and Mary-Kate seemed to love the attention she was getting from him."

It's not the first time these two were linked to each other, they've apparently been party buddies overseas for quite some time now. The source continued, "Perhaps, this time in Paris, they'll strike up a romance," says the source.

Two billionaires finding love sounds like a fairy tale come true, but the only problem is Lapo used to be a hard-core junkie. Back in 2005 Lapo, who is heir to the Fiat auto dynasty, overdosed on cocaine and heroin at the home of a transsexual. He spent 3 days in a coma recovering.

Mary-Kate obviously has a thing for scruffy European billionaire heirs...but than again, who doesn’t?? This guy is so rich, he makes both the Olsen’s look poor in comparison. Let's see how long this hookup lasts.