Mary-Kate Battles Her Landlord

July 29, 2008 By:
Mary-Kate Battles Her Landlord

Mary-Kate Olsen is currently battling her ex-landlord, who is accusing her of trashing the place.

Specifically, MK had wanted to renovate the kitchen to suit her needs. What did she do?! Take out the fridge so she wouldn't be tempted to eat?!

According to the landlord, Mary Kate left a mess in the place and flooded a garden pond. Her lawyer says the landlord stepped in before she was able to even do anything.

Now the landlord is refusing to give MK back her security deposit, which is $30,000. And while that seems like a lot to us regular folk, that's prob what MK carries in her oversized purses daily.

Still though, MK is fighting to get her deposit back. All this for a room in the house she probably never enjoyed!