Martha Stewart Wants to be an Idol Judge

January 25, 2010 By:
Martha Stewart Wants to be an Idol Judge

Celebrities are coming out of the woodwork now that Simon Cowell has announced his departure from American Idol. The latest to show interest in becoming a judge is Martha Stewart.

She spoke with Ok! magazine and said wanted to put her name in the running. “I’d be the best American Idol judge because I’m fair,” she said.

But, much like Ellen Degeneres, Martha said she won’t quit her day job. She intends on continuing her talk show “forever. I love doing my show,” she said.

In related news, E! is reporting that a man has come forward to say that he knows who the top 24 contestants are for this season. We won’t spoil it for you though! And in addition, contestant Michael Lynche has been kicked off the show because his father did an interview with newspaper The St. Petersburg Times saying his son was a finalist. Tisk tisk! Part of the fun of the show is the anticipation of who is going to make it or not!