Mark Wahlberg To Reunite With The Funky Bunch?

April 24, 2013 By:
Mark Wahlberg To Reunite With The Funky Bunch?

Finally, there’s a light—a shirtless, white briefs exposing, and damn a$$ funky fresh light—at the end of the tunnel for metro Boston.

Mark Wahlberg says he’d reunite with the Funky Bunch, the since disbanded hip-hop group that simultaneously shaped your dad’s adolescence and taught him to flirt with girls, to raise money for the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings.

While leaving T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia this morning, TMZ asked the question that was surely on all of the reeling city’s mind: If Mark would ever do a “once-in-a-lifetime reunion” with the Funky Bunch for a fundraiser. (Side note: The reporter actually asked Mark if he'd reunite with the "Fun Bunch"—embarrassing!—does TMZ not own Music for the People on cassette?)

Come on? Come on?

“Absolutely,” Mark answered. “Why not?”

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Mark breezed through reporters, but not without first putting it out there in the pop culture universe that he's down to send good vibrations out to the community he was born and raised in.

Boston is close to Mark’s heart, so the devastating tragedy had a personal effect on him.

“Horrible, obviously, but I am also feeling a huge sense of appreciation from the country and around the world,” Mark says to Hollyscoop, but he believes the city will bounce back.

“People are rallying around Boston. You know, the amount of support and prayers that we are getting is going to allow people to heal and I am going to be there this weekend,” he adds of his plans to help.

“It’s a horrible tragedy, it’s such a small community, everybody knows someone who was personally affected, but it's nice to see people coming together.”