Mark Walhberg and P. Diddy’s Unlikely Bromance

February 27, 2013 By:
Mark Walhberg and P. Diddy’s Unlikely Bromance
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Who knew that Marky Mark and P. Diddy were friends? We sure didn’t, so we were surprised to find out when we interviewed them both at their press conference for their new drink AQUAhydrate that Mark Wahlberg and Sean "P. Diddy" Combs have one of the hottest bromances in Hollywood.

“[Diddy] did come as my date to the Golden Globes,” Mark told Hollyscoop, “I left him early, I went to go home to my wife.”

Sean chimed in jokingly, “There is an application process to hang out with him, it has to be 3 weeks in advance. It’s an interview process of what’s going to [happen], what time are we going to be back. I look forward to the next outing. Thank you very much to his wife.”

The guys have a huge respect for each other. Sean tells us, “This man inspires me to be a better person, he’s truly a family man. When he’s at church I’m waking up and he’s praying for me and that’s not a joke.”

Awwww, buddies!

And the feeling is mutual, family man Mark says he only dreams of the wild single life Diddy is living.

“There are times when I wake up in the mornings and look out my window and I wonder what fun you are having and wonder what it would be like to have just one more time but then I realize that can be a slippery slope,” Mark tells us.

It’s this great chemistry that got them into business together with AQUAhydrate, “Both Sean and I were adamant about having a real involvement in the business. I don’t want to put my name on something and say it works great” Mark reveals.