Mark Wahlberg's Wife Gives Him an Ultimatum

November 24, 2010 By:
Mark Wahlberg's Wife Gives Him an Ultimatum

Mark Wahlberg has always been a little hottie with an amazing bod, but lately he's turned into a little dough boy, and his wife is not having it!

Mark trained and got in tip top shape for his new movie The Fighter but as soon as the director yelled "it's a wrap," he went out and got himself some rolls. And I'm not talking about rolls from the bakery.

He tells WENN, "My new regimen consists of a bottle of red wine and a lot of food and I'm enjoying myself. My wife is like, 'You're starting to look really bad! I'm like a former Victoria's Secret model. If you want to hold onto me, you gotta do something!' So I'm back in the gym."

You're going to have to start promoting the movie soon Mark, and we certainly don't want to see Mr. Chubs doing it instead of Marky Mark. The movie hits theaters on December 10th.