Mark Wahlberg's Son Attacked By an Octopus!

August 6, 2010 By:
Mark Wahlberg's Son Attacked By an Octopus!

This is one of the scariest things we’ve ever heard! Mark Wahlberg went on David Letterman last night and recalled a recent trip to an aquarium with his family in California, where things didn’t go according to plan!

Wahlberg’s four-year old son Michael got attacked by a giant octopus!

He said to Dave: "We have a tour guide so she's like, 'You have a special treat today, we'll be able to take you behind the tank and you'll be able to see the octopus...' So this women pulls out this gigantic octopus, the thing latches on to my son's arm. It's got my wife, (it's) wrapped completely around the lady, and another guy's just standing there. They can't get this octopus off.”

Apparently the audience at Letterman started laughing, but Mark was very serious! And he added that he’s looking into possibly suing! "We haven't filed yet but if you could recommend a good lawyer...” he said. “Once the woman who handles the octopus starts freaking out I knew there was a problem. She couldn't even get away from the thing. She had to have help come running in. Once I got my kid out of there I said, 'Let's go!' I left the lady there. That's her problem."

That is so scary! The woman was probably trying to show off a little because it was Mark Wahlberg, but it definitely backfired for her! We’re just glad little Michael is ok!