Mark Wahlberg Getting Into Reality TV

December 21, 2011 By:
Mark Wahlberg Getting Into Reality TV

Because producing Entourage wasn’t quite Hollywood enough, Mark Wahlberg is now moving on to reality TV.

Wahlberg, who stars in and produced the upcoming movie, Contraband, says he learned a lot about underground smuggling from that film. And the subject was so intriguing to him, it made him want to produce a reality show about it.

“I learned about smuggling doing this movie,” explains Mark. “I learned that nothing is too big to smuggle and that most people get away with smuggling. It’s an art form.”

Got that? They’re not criminals, they’re artists. Side note, people sure have been tossing around the word ‘artist’ a lot lately. Grafitti artist, Subway sandwich artist…we gotta start drawing the line. I’m gonna start calling myself a ‘Jersey Shore viewing artist.’

Wahlberg continued: “We’ve actually been talking about doing a reality show in the Port of LA which is one of the huge hubs where this stuff happens.”

So what would the reality show cover?

“It will be all about the different law enforcement agencies there and what they face every day. We’re hoping to do that and sell it to a network.”

Contraband is set in New Orleans and Wahlberg says he took a well-deserved break before starting the film.

“I certainly took some time off and enjoyed the fruits of my labor and stuffed my face, drank a lot of wine…[When I first] showed up on the set of this movie, they were like, ‘Dude, you can’t show up to work looking like that. They’re expecting you to be in shape like you were for The Fighter.”

He adds that Contraband is filled with “a lot of energy, excitement and humor.”

Contraband hits theaters January 13.