Mark Wahlberg Selling His Beverly Hills Estate For $13.95 Million

September 14, 2011 By:
Mark Wahlberg Selling His Beverly Hills Estate For $13.95 Million

Mark Wahlberg is putting his gorgeous Beverly Hills home up for sale. He wants to build an even better mansion and listed his old pad at $13.95 million. The home was first put on the market in 2008 with an asking price of $15,900,000 (that's $15.9 million, for those of you who don't understand commas) but Wahlberg took it back off the market when they couldn't get any bites at that price and Wahlberg's wife, Rhea Durham became pregnant with the couple's fourth child.

The two story mansion comes with a basketball court, tennis court, a golf putting green, an in-home cinema with 35mm digital projector, a two story gym with a built in boxing ring and a large body of water that might be a swimming pool but could also be a man-made lake. I saw some boats tied up on its shore, so I dunno. The pool has several waterfalls, a grotto, a waterslide and was probably designed by Walt Disney.

The house has 7 bedrooms and 10.5 bathrooms and judging from the photos, it seems to have like 6 different "living rooms."

I've never understood mansions. They have like several rooms with the same function. The living room. The formal living room. The sitting room. The screening room. They are all just big rooms with big couches. How many different varieties of sitting do you really need?

There is also a two-story, two-bedroom guest house located on the 1.7 acre grounds which is so lavish itself, they probably film "Entourage" there.

The family is moving out to build a new mansion on the six-plus acre piece of land that Wahlberg purchased in Beverly Park. Beverly Park is a historic guard-gated enclave hiding in the mountains above Beverly Hills that is home to overflowing mansions belonging to stars like Denzel Washington, Sylvester Stallone, Rod Stewart, Eddie Murphy, and two housewives whose names don't really belong in the same list as the aforementioned men.

Wahlberg wants to build a 33,000 square foot mansion on his new plot of land, apparently the mega mansion he's currently living in just too humble, sizing out at only 8,932 square feet. Just build a theme park Wahlberg, why stop at gymnasiums and multiple waterfalls, just build a rollercoaster and helipad and call it a day.

Even if the house sells at $13.95 million, Marky Mark would be making a pretty profit. He purchased the home in 2001 for only $4.95 million. Let me put that into perspective for you. Walhberg probably spends $4.95 million per year just to put chlorine in the lagoon he calls a swimming pool.