Mark Wahlberg is a Fighter, Not a Lover

February 3, 2011 By:
Mark Wahlberg is a Fighter, Not a Lover

Mark Wahlberg took his training as a boxer very seriously, and actually beat the crap out of someone at a bar one night.

Mark trained for over 4 years to play Irish/American boxer Micky Ward in ‘The Fighter’ and has admitted his training was helpful when his pal got into trouble during a night out.

He said in an interview with Shortlist magazine: “My last fight was a few years ago in a club and I did knuckle-up somebody’s face pretty good. They were deserving of it."

“Usually when I start something I don’t end up on the winning end, but when I’m doing the right thing I usually come out pretty good. A guy sucker punched a friend of mine, so I had to return the favor. Then his friend came in and he got a little too.”

I know I'm supposed to be like 'oh violence is never the answer' but Mark is so fkin hot he can do whatever he wants and still be...well...fkn hot!