Mark Wahlberg Hospitalized

August 17, 2009 By:
Mark Wahlberg Hospitalized

Mark Wahlberg had to be hospitalized on Friday after suffering smoke inhalation on the set of his new movie The Fighter.

Mark was working a special scene on Thursday night when he accidentally took in too much fumes from a special effects machine. He thought he was okay that night, but woke up Friday morning grasping for air.

He was rushed to a hospital in Massachusetts to get checked out, according to Radar..

A source tells the website, "Mark was working on a scene where a smoke machine was being used for atmosphere and apparently he breathed in too much smoke.

"When he woke up Friday morning he was gasping for breath so he was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital where he was put on a breathing device that helped clear his lungs."

Like a true champ, Mark was able to recover and was released from the
hospital and returned to the set later on Friday. A trip to the hospital will never get in the way of a workaholic. Glad to hear he’s doing better!