Mark Wahlberg Confirms: 'Entourage' Movie Is Happening

September 19, 2011 By:
Mark Wahlberg Confirms: 'Entourage' Movie Is Happening

BrO-M-G! Entourage fans, I have some great news. The show will continue—on the big screen.

Hollyscoop asked executive producer Mark Wahlberg at the 2011 Emmys flat out--will there be an Entourage movie? Wahlberg told us: “Yes, for sure. Yes.”

That’s right, grab some popcorn, Broca-Cola and get ready for more Vinnie, Eric, Drama and Turtle. Last week, the series had its finale, exiting on a high note. Ari revived his marriage and also got a job offer to run a studio, Vinnie got married, Eric won his fiancé back, and Drama got his series. Wahlberg says all of these events leave Entourage “teed up for a movie.”

And…spoiler alert! Wahlberg is already dishing details on the plot. “The dream job [Ari] got offered is too good to pass up.”

Entourage has been criticized for not being the most accurate portrayal of Hollywood. But really, people? Do you really want to watch a show about bums urinating in dumpsters and tourists blocking traffic because they want to take a picture with Charlie Sheen’s star on the Walk of Fame? Entourage may not show every aspect of life in L.A., but it certainly brought us the most entertaining one. Eight seasons on HBO proves it.

Jerry Ferrara, who played Turtle on the show, knows both sides of the entertainment industry. Before being cast in Entourage, Ferrara worked at Boston Market. And no, it wasn't a commercial or something. He was behind the counter, like many actors paying their dues.

“It was a very typical case of a young, up and coming actor who just had to pay bills. I didn’t have a car when I first moved to L.A., so Boston Market was the closest place to my apartment at the time,” Ferrara laughed. “It was a really cool job, I have to say. It showed me right from the bat that if you’re going to make your way you’re going to have to earn it, every inch, and I really wouldn’t have it any other way.”

There you have it, aspiring actors. All it takes is hard work, and you can have your own hit show on HBO. Of course, there’s always the possibility you’ll be dressing up as Spongebob and punching the sh-t out of tourists. That's just as entertaining to watch, though.

No word on when the movie is set to release, but rest assured fans. You haven’t seen the last of Entourage.

Now hug it out, b-tches.