Mark Wahlberg Challenges Michael Fassbender to Big D*@! Contest

February 12, 2013 By:
Mark Wahlberg Challenges Michael Fassbender to Big D*@! Contest

Everybody look out. Mark Wahlberg is sloshed.

The actor got stone drunk on a recent appearance on “The Graham Norton Show,” where he proceeded to do things that he would later regret. One of those things—believe it or not—was challenging Michael Fassbender to a d-ck off.

Yes, the kind in their pants…

The two actors sat on the red couch on either side of comedienne Sarah Silverman. If his companions were buzzed it was completely unnoticeable compared to the pure ethanol raging through Marky Mark’s veins.

Wahlberg did his best to add to the conversation and not pass out as the talk tumbled through the typical talk show topics... Careers, grandmas, vaginas. You know, the usual.

Then this happened:

“I want to challenge you to a big d-ck contest,” Wahlberg said to Fassbender.

But, instead of whipping their units and a ruler out (sorry, ladies), the boys settled for a back-and-forth of voice-over acting—Wahlberg did the voice of Seth MacFarlane's Ted, and Fassbender did some bird and laser sounds.

Wahlberg’s manhood is a popular subject on Norton’s show. On a previous, more sober visit, they talked about his infamous prosthetic peen in Boogie Nights.

Watch the shenanigans below. Scrub forward to 10:45 for the good part. NSFW: