Mark Wahlberg And Family Reduce Price On Beverly Hills Mansion

July 23, 2012 By:
Mark Wahlberg And Family Reduce Price On Beverly Hills Mansion

Actor Mark Wahlberg and his wife, Rhea Durham, are trying to practically give their Beverly Hills mansion away!

Reportedly, the couple have been putting their residence of over ten years on and off the real estate market since 2008, and over the past four years have been forced to dramatically reduce the price.

The Real Estalker blog has the deets on the 11,500 square feet, 7 bedroom, 10.5 bathroom homestead that was originally purchased in 2001 for $4,950,000.

In 2008, they had hoped the value had tripled placing it on the open market for $15,900,000.

By September 2011, they shot for $13,995,000, and then yesterday sunk to unheard of lows with $12,995,000.


So here’s the specs if you’ve got a cool $13 million laying around. There’s a main house, a multi-story guest house, 1.73 acres of land, a putting green, a lagoon style swimming pool with a waterfall and water slide, poolside cabanas, tented lounge areas, a basketball court, a fitness facility, and a shed big enough for another gym and a regulation-sized boxing ring.

Good times are had by Mr. and Mrs. Marky Mark and their four children (with a possibly rumored 5th on the way) at this virtual play land of excess.

So where will a family who've lived with such extravagances go should they be able to sell?

In 2009, they allegedly put $8,250,000 into six acres in the even more lavish Beverly Park community, and they may, or may not, want to build a 30,000 square foot Mediterranean styled villa, one of the plans that was offered to them.

Let’s hope they can unload their current burdensome home… not that the recent high school grad/Oscar winning actor who’s still riding high on the box office success of his animated teddy bear flick Ted, and with an "Entourage" film on the way couldn’t probably afford a couple of homes… especially at these rock bottom prices.