'Entourage' Movie A Go!

June 18, 2012 By:
'Entourage' Movie A Go!

This morning on NBC’s Today, Mark Wahlberg confirmed that the “Entourage” series will in fact, be headed to the big screen.

In case you didn’t know, Mark Wahlberg is the Executive Producer of “Entourage” and the early incarnations of the show were loosely based on his real life. Essentially, Mark Wahlberg was “Vince.”

Anyway, the season finale left us wanting more. The final episode ended in a “love conquers all” theme: Vince jetted off to get married to Sophia, despite barely knowing her. Sloan reveals she’s pregnant, and she and E reconcile their romance! Ari ditches his job to get back with his estranged wife! Johnny Drama got a starring gig on a network TV series and Turtle, uhh, I can’t remember what Turtle was up to. It probably involved driving Vince somewhere, I don’t know.

Now, this movie news begs the question, are you ready to “hug it out, b-tch?” Too bad this is old news for us at Hollyscoop!

Back in September 2011, we asked Mark Wahlberg if the “Entourage” movie was a go? And he told us, “Yes, for sure, yes.”

To use golf language (his favorite) Wahlberg told us that the end of Season 8 leaves us “teed up for a movie.”

He also reveals that “The dream job [Ari] got offered is too good to pass up,” leaving us to wonder if Ari is having second thoughts on ditching Hollywood to be a family man.

For months, Wahlberg had been telling people that he was rooting for the “Entourage” flick to happen but the show’s creator Doug Ellin had yet to write the script.

Now, Wahlberg confirms to Today that Ellin is in the middle of the script writing process. However, no word yet on when we can expect to see this flick.

At least we know the bromance hasn’t died.