Don't Ask Marky Mark About the Band

September 5, 2010 By:
Don't Ask Marky Mark About the Band

Long before Mark Wahlberg
was a respected actor, he was a rap star. But whatever you do, don't ask him about it.

“Ah man, embarrassed,” he said when asked about his singing career. “I thought I was so cool back then, but when I see the footage, I was such an a*s.”

And it still haunts him til this day. “I remember seeing this thing on VH1, some Sexy People Of The 90s show. My brother Paul was watching with me and my assistant they were just killing themselves with laughter,” he said.

“To top if off I was number one! So for ages after whenever they’d call, they’d be, ‘Can we speak to the Sexiest Man Of The 90s please? They keep killing me.”

He was pretty damn sexy! And who could forget the Calvin Klein ads, wow!